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Today's Bed Bug News Buffet!

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Your Friday bed bug news buffet. Dig in!

- Cops answered a call about an assault and it turns out that the perpetrator was bed bugs. The ex-boyfriend was very relieved.   

- A man confined to a wheelchair and on a fixed income had his home overrun with bed bugs. Thankfully, with the help of the local media and pest control company, he got his home properly heat treated for free.

- Local Georgia college hit again by bed bugs. This is twice in 2 years.

- Local governments are finding that the cost of fighting bed bugs is growing. Budgets are under severe pressure and this certainly does not help.

- This is what happens when you ignore bed bugs in your public facility. They turn your property into a circus tent and pump Vikane gas into the entire space. Very, very expensive.

- Another bed bug remedy. Another DYI scam as far as I’m concerned. Drying your clothes properly does the exact same thing.

- This article asks if bed bugs are just a pest or a bigger problem. They may not spread disease, but they can make your life a living hell and for some people, put you in the hospital.

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