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Red Coat Bed Bug K9 Team

Serving Families Throughout Atlanta

Meet The Red Coat K9 Team

Benefits of Using K9's

Red Coat’s Bed Bug Detection K9 teams are highly professional and operate at a “commercial grade” level. Detection is not a hobby for Red Coat dogs, it is their passion! The dogs are trained to alert on the odor of the bed bug and complete inspections of over 10,000 units annually. Daily they inspect homes and businesses to give our clients the Peace-of-Mind of a Bed Bug Free environment.

Benefits of using a K9 for bed bug inspection:

  • Better - more through inspection than a trained human, can find inaccessible and hidden infestations
  • Speed – can clear a room in 3-5 minutes with very high accuracy, highly efficient for large properties
  • Focused - will ignore distracting odors – pets, smoke, garbage, etc
  • Flexible & Adaptable – to many new environments – residential, multifamily, hospitality, office, transportation, warehouse, medical, etc
  • Objective – non-biased results
  • “The Peace of Mind K9” – let them give you the comfort of knowing you do not have a bed bug problem