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Termite Control in Atlanta

Expert Termite Solutions for Homes & Businesses

At any given time, there are 2 to 3 individual termite colonies living under your home and in Georgia, we are especially vulnerable to termites, due to our warm, humid climate and the number of termites already in the area. Without professional termite protection, it is only a matter of time for termites to hit your Atlanta home or business—which is where our pest control specialists at Red Coat Pest Solutions come in.

To learn more about our experienced termite control services in Atlanta, or to schedule an appointment call our team today at (404) 724-8999.

Our experienced and highly trained team offers the highest level of termite protection for our clients by utilizing the most advanced termite baiting systems to date. These systems are the best of both worlds, discreet above ground and a large surface area for bait consumption below. Instead of using wood, we fill these stations with activated bait, so from the very first bite, the termites will begin the destruction of their own colony.

Just as in our general pest and bed bug work, we utilize the IPM method with termites. Our methodology is to prevent the infestation before it happens with the most eco-friendly products available.

Signs You Need Termite Control Services in Atlanta

Because of the diminutive size of termites, it can be challenging to determine whether these pests have infiltrated your property. But just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there causing severe damage. In fact, termites cause nearly five billion dollars in property damage every year throughout the United States.

Signs you might have a termite infestation include:

  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Clicking or rubbing sounds inside your wall
  • Doors and windows no longer open and close smoothly
  • Small black droppings near wooden structures
  • Pin-sized holes in drywall or wood
  • Small, maze patterns in wood floors, walls and furniture

We use Trelona Annual Bait Stations to help eliminate your termite problem.

Termite Control You Can Trust

Don’t leave the safety of your residential or commercial property to chance. Instead, call our skilled and knowledgeable team at Red Coat Pest Solutions. We are committed to providing our customers peace of mind, so all of our technicians have been vetted, background checked, drug tested and are highly experienced and registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Not only will we thoroughly inspect your property to search for signs of termite nests, but we will walk you through our entire eradication process, so you are never surprised or left with questions. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure your home is protected and after your service, we offer honest and reliable advice to make sure you are not only termite-free, but completely pest-free all year round.

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