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Today's Bed Bug News

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Today's bed bug news from around the country. Enjoy!

- Bed bug shredder? It sounds a lot like something I don’t want to be exposed to. Come to think of it, I don’t think my pets aren’t safe either.

- More bed bugs in public housing. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence that can snowball quickly if not treated properly with full room heat.

- This bed bug article gives going back to school a whole new meaning. Nothing like having bed bugs in the lounge area to get kids riled up.

- You know it’s bad when the NYC Department of housing has bed bugs.

- You know it’s really bad when they go out and buy two bed bug detection dogs.

- A doctor asks if chemical bed bug treatments are worth the effort.  My opinion is no. Not when full room heat is available.

- Are you a rental property owner ignoring bed bugs? Well, keep that up and you may lose your license.

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