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How do I protect my home from bed bugs?

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How do I protect my home from bed bugs?

12 years of specialized bed bug work has taught us many things, but it still stands, an ounce of prevention saves a pound of headaches and unnecessary expenses.

How do I protect my home from bed bugs?

For many years whole-room heat was the best option for treatment, but the chemical manufacturers have done great research and provided the industry with more effective products. The vast majority of the products are still considered chemicals and can spread insects if not used correctly. As a chemically sensitive person myself, I am still hesitant to use most of them in a person's living environment. Besides, a good bed bug treatment takes a brave, experienced, technician and lots of time to get it right. So, we have not moved forward with changing our process, until now.

Over the past 4 years, we have been using a biocide following our heat treatments. It has been a massive success in both residential and commercial properties, in preventing future introductions from becoming infestations. So, if you are concerned one might have gotten away, or you might get them again, this tool is your shield.

In 2023 we took the next leap and began offering the biocide as a stand-alone treatment. I am pleased to report, the results have been excellent.

A heavy bed bug infestation still takes a brave technician, but the 1st treatment can be completed in 2 to 3 hours and requires little prep work for the resident. The product can overcome clutter and does not spread insects to neighbors. An early catch of an infestation can be conquered usually with one treatment.

But there are limitations, most of which can be conquered with clear communication and expectations:

1) This product is NOT a fast kill. The homeowner will continue to see a few live insects for up to 30 days. The biocide is a fungus that must grow on them once the insect is exposed to kill them.

2) Any additional water, alcohol, cleaning products, or pesticide applied to the same areas will neutralize the biocide and make it ineffective. Additional DIY spraying is a no-no.

Once applied, the product is active for 90 days. So, we recommend quarterly follow-up applications for as long as you want protection in the space.

Safety with any product is essential. With the biocide, we protect our technicians with the required PPE. The homeowner has a 4-hour delay for reentering the home so that the product can dry properly.

If you are concerned about bed bugs in your home, follow the below steps for a successful outcome:

1) Catch an insect if you see them, clear tape of any kind is easiest. A caught insect is evidence to show to a professional.

2) Don't apply ANY DIY products - no spray, no dust, nothing.

3) Start drying everything in the dryer you think has been exposed, remember - DRY, WASH, DRY. Dry the items to kill the bugs, then wash and dry them again to remove the dead insects.

4) Contact our office to schedule an inspection with a trained Bed Bug K9 to determine the spread of the infestation.

5) Our experienced technicians will evaluate the home for the best treatment.

6) Treat the infestation every 90 days with the biocide for long-term protection.

At RED COAT PEST SOLUTIONS, we are proud of the research and program design completed to bring you eco-friendly programs. You can trust us to be here, year after year, to keep your space enjoyably bed bug free!

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