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The Bed Bug Poop Scoop

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Bed bug fact or fiction? That is what I want to know.

Lately, every time I check my Red Coat Services bed bug twitter feed (@BedBugAnswer), I see another comment about some new product that will completely eradicate bed bugs from your home or business. One week it’s a new spray. The next week it’s a new powder. Recently, I saw a PR release that touted a detergent that fought bed bugs. By the way, when did PR releases and news articles become one and the same?

Today, I read this article about bed bugs that touted bed bug poop as the new savior. The creators claim that they can lure bed bugs into traps by using a chemical compound that copies the scent of bed bug poop. Now, I have not seen the research and so I won’t comment on whether or not they are full of poop. However, from working in homes and hotels with infestations, I just can’t see how this will eliminate your problem.  Yes, if the chemical does work, you will probably catch some bed bugs. However, when you have an infestation, you will find poop in all kinds of places. How can the researchers predict that the bed bugs will go to the trapsand not back to the mattress, headboard, or closet? As I said, I have yet to see the product up close. However, at this time, I remain skeptical that this not just another worthless bed bug product. For me, heat is the only proven answer.

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