• We Couldn't Be Happier With The Service

    We started using Red Coat after moving to a house that had a termite contract and pest control service that was expiring within 3 months of our move in date. We were impressed by the overall knowledge of Red Coat and the ability to bundle multiple services for a long term relationship. We have been using them for 3 years now and we couldn't be happier with the termite service, pest control service, and "bee-friendly" mosquito service. It is important for us to support a locally-owned company as well.

    - Todd Walker

  • Thanks Red Coat!

    We have used Red Coat for our mosquito service for the past 4 years. They are always prompt and professional. Whenever we have had to call them back out, they have always responded immediately. Thanks Red Coat!

    - Will Euart

  • Extremely well organized, knowledgeable business

    This is an extremely well organized, knowledgeable business with a wide array of problem-solving solutions for all kinds of pest control. As I understand it, their bed bug eradication program uses environmentally friendly techniques to kill the pests and highly trained dogs to originally diagnose their presence and afterward to assure their absence. I was given excellent advice from afar about whether or not to suspect bed bugs in our vacation home and will certainly rely on Red Coat for all future needs. 

    - Daphne E.

  • The overall experience was excellent.
    Very professional people who performed a heat treatment of my home to eradicate bedbugs. The overall experience was excellent. The cost was an unexpected budget hit, yet bugs can’t be foreseen.

    - Luke L.

  • Their Service Was a Lifesaver!
    The service was a lifesaver. The technicians were courteous professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend their services.

    - Kaziah T.

  • Amazing Customer Service
    We moved here from Florida to a beautiful home on a wooded lot. We could not use the deck or porch—the mosquitoes here make the Florida blood-suckers look like kittens! A Groupon coupon introduced us to Red Coat, and it was the start of a beautiful friendship. We can enjoy beautiful Georgia outdoors now!

    - Virginia T

  • Highly Recommended
    Red Coat was tremendously easy to communicate with, responded quickly and on time for their appointment. Service was thorough and professional, would not hesitate to use their services again and will be recommending to others

    - Jeff C.

  • Family-Oriented Environment
    It seems to be a great team and family-oriented environment. The tech was very knowledgeable of my residential pest control issues, as well as Commercial pest control as well.

    - Sean P.

  • Environmentally Responsible and Safe for My Pets
    Terrific service; I especially rest easy knowing it is environmentally responsible and safe for my pets. The staff is professional and courteous and quick to respond to all inquiries.

    - Marisabel M.

  • An Excellent Young Company
    An excellent young company that is pioneering environmentally sustainable pest solutions in an industry that will be challenged to keep pace with environmental issues. Woman-owned and managed.

    - Spalding M.

  • Great Experience
    This is an excellent company, whose employees are very helpful and courteous. I fully recommend their services.

    - Cecilia M.

  • Effective Treatment and Professional Staff!
    An incredible company run by the most professional staff. Their treatments are effective and thorough. Highly highly recommend it!

    - Emily A.

  • Extremely Professional and Reliable
    Extremely professional company with excellent advice. Called for help with bed bugs while traveling and they told me exactly what to do.

    - Whitney K.

  • Long Term Service
    I was recently asked to care for a friend's pets while she and her husband were both in the hospital. After agreeing, she told me her apartment had a serious bed bug infestation. I was very concerned about bringing bed bugs home but knew my friend had no other options for pet care. I contacted the experts at Red Coat and learned the steps I needed to take to keep my home and environment bed bug-free while still helping my friend. I have used Red Coat repellent when traveling for years - time for another refill. No one knows bed bugs like the Red Coat team. Thank you!!!

    - Lisa H.

  • Organic Products!
    So far, the service is working. We have an awful time with mosquitoes near the grill area and I haven't been bit!!! We are all about the environment and they use some organic product that works and doesn't harm the bees and is safe for pets and stuff! Good customer service!

    - Satisfied Customer

  • Above & Beyond Service
    I have been working with this company for the past few weeks as a test subject while they got their business up and running. I have been very pleased with not only the product but the professionalism and great customer service that they provide. I am very happy to have a pesticide-free yard while also being able to enjoy it mosquito-free. I would recommend you check out Red Coat if you are looking for a natural solution to mosquito control in your yard.

    - Satisfied Customer

  • Extremely Understanding
    If you have experienced bed bugs, you know the horror story your life becomes. There are not words to express the gratitude I have for Ashely and her team. Not only has she been a world of knowledge, but also very patient with me, as this situation has driven right up to the edge of insanity.

    After being bitten many times (at first I didn't know what was happening) and then seeing an actual bug, I promptly emailed Ashley and called the office. Ron immediately put me in touch with Ashely. Within 24 hours, Ashely had John out to map out the treatment plan form my condo. After this, John, Hunter, and Jessie proceeded with the plan very professionally.

    A month after treatment, I thought my nightmare was over. Until a nymph came crawling across my ottoman I promptly emailed Ashley. After setting up an appointment to have Sadie, the bed bug sniffing dog, inspect my home, we discovered the bugs were coming in from my neighbor's unit. Fortunately, the nymph was an isolated case because NO BUGS or traces were found this go-round.

    Since I cannot force my neighbor to properly treat with heat (he has been spraying thus making them scatter into my condo), Ashley suggested creating a line of defense using an effective chemical around adjoining walls, outlets, etc. (this chemical has performed very well in many experimental studies), interceptors on my furniture, and mattress covers.

    I am three days into my life with the protective barrier. I feel confident that Ashely is leading me down the path to normalcy. I hope I never have to have treatment again, BUT if I do, Red Coat will be the first I call.

    I HIGHLY recommend Red Coat Services for bed bug elimination. They are knowledgable, diligent, and most of all completely understanding of the hell you are living.

    - Hbi C.

  • Very Responsive!
    I had a great experience with Red Coat Services. They were responsive and within 24 hours sent Ashley and Sade (the dog) to investigate my home. Luckily, they found no trace of bedbugs, but as she conducted the investigation, Ashley gave me a great education about bedbugs -- information that I will forever call upon. Ashley was extremely prompt, and the inspection was very professional while friendly and reassuring. I would recommend Red Coat Services to anyone who suspects that they may have bedbugs.

    - Jim H.

  • Professional and Hardworking Staff
    After finding infestation in one room,R Ed Coat Services came out and confirmed my suspicions. They provided excellent heat treatment remedies. While the price seems high, the peace of mind is worth every penny. Very professional technicians were courteous and kind. I would definitely recommend them.

    - Tim Y.