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We aren’t the only ones that love the Atlanta heat. In fact, flea infestations are more likely to occur in warm, humid areas. The good news is, if you notice a flea on your pet or in your property, you have a secret weapon in Red Coat Pest Solutions. Our skilled, highly trained, and licensed team offers fast and effective flea control solutions to residential and commercial properties throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas. We eradicate fleas at every level of their life cycle, from eggs, larvae, pupae, to adult, so you can trust that your space stays flea-free.

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Identifying a Flea Problem in Your Property

While fleas are often known to infiltrate your space by hitchhiking on your cats, dogs, or other pets, there are other ways for these pesky animals to invade your home or business. Because of how small fleas are, it can be especially challenging to spot when your property is dealing with an infestation, but thankfully, our team has over a decade of experience and can spot signs of a flea infestation quickly and accurately.

To avoid large flea infestations, keep an eye out for:

  • Scratching pets: If you notice your pets repeatedly scratching and grooming themselves, it could be a sign of discomfort due to flea activity.
  • Itchy bites: Red, itchy bite marks can be a sign of a variety of pests, not strictly fleas, so call our team to receive a property evaluation to get a better idea of the type of infestation you are dealing with.
  • Small black bits on furniture: Adult flea droppings can look similar to ground black pepper and can be found on pet beds, couches, and blankets when fleas are present.
  • Adult fleas on upholstery: Adult fleas are small, reddish-brown, and wingless, so you might notice them jumping between pets and upholstery, while they are looking for their next meal.

Comprehensive Flea Removal Services in Atlanta

Our team at Red Coat Pest Solutions has grown a reputation for eco-friendly, effective, and fast pest control treatment, and we continue to uphold this reputation with our 5-star flea control solutions. Our vetted, experienced, and background checked technicians will work tirelessly to ensure your home or business is flea-free. We use the newest and most effective treatments on the market and rid your space of fleas without sacrificing your health and safety. Count on our expert Atlanta flea control specialists to be on your side throughout the entire extermination process—handling your flea problem quickly, completely, and affordably.

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