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Your Mid Week Bed Bug News

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Your Wednesday bed bug news from Red Coat Services.

- This hotel has been out of service for months due to bed bugs and other issues.

- The word cilantro came from the Greek word for a bed bug. Who knew?

- You may be hearing less about bed bugs in the national news, however, the problem is actually getting worse.

- This family trip to Alabama turned into a nightmare when they got back home to Louisiana. Those Alabama bed bugs are apparently as mean towards Louisiana folks as the Crimson Tide.

- This is what happens when a landlord and tenant fight over bed bugs. I’m surprised the police actually wrapped the mattress.

- Bed bugs are quickly becoming an international problem.

- Chattanooga is finding that bed bugs are an expensive habit. Maybe if they used heat instead of chemicals they would be rid of the problem by now.

- Shortage of bed bug funding is an issue many cities are having trouble coming to terms with.

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