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Why Are There Bed Bugs in My Clothes?

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This question has come across my desk multiple times this past year. A client either finds bugs on their person during the day or they find bed bugs in their closet among their clothes. Typically bed bugs don’t like to live in the clothes you are wearing. They don’t like a great deal of movement on a day-to-day basis. They will hitchhike when hungry or looking for a new home, but they generally prefer dark cryptic stable locations for their harborage.
In all of these situations, the client had previously treated their home with pesticides or with dust. The chemical became a massive repellant to the bed bug and they merely found a new place to live that was not contaminated. The closet is often close to the bedroom and bed and the clothes are rarely treated with chemicals. This creates a perfect scenario for the bed bug. They get an occasional meal and transportation out of the poison that you laid for them.
This means you are likely taking the bugs to work with you as well as your friend’s house etc. So what to do? Stop spraying bed bugs! The clothes can be run through the dryer on high for about 45 minutes. Then wash and dry them again to remove the dead bugs. However, if they have found your closet they have also found all the other hiding places that chemicals did not reach the first time. A whole room heat treatment is really the only option to stop them completely.

May the heat be with you!

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