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Never Try DIY Heat for Bed Bugs

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There are a few outcomes from an individual attempting to “heat” their environment for bed bug remediation on their own.  None of them are pretty or successful.

  1. You heat your home with your home heating system – won’t reach the correct temps to kill bed bugs

  2. You heat your home with kerosene or propane heater – HUGE fire risk, will likely violate your homeowner's insurance so if you happen to burn the house down it is unlikely you will have money to re-build.  Secondly, there is no way for you to determine if you have the right temp in every corner of your house, which defeats the whole purpose of the heat.  It is critical that a home is heated evenly and in every nook and cranny that a bug might hide.  Otherwise, you have risked your greatest asset for poor results.

  3. Gasoline – enough said. Each year there are multiple reports of people smoking while working with gasoline and causing a huge explosion.  I don’t know of any professional system that utilizes gas.

  4. Hair Dryer – will kill the ones you aim it at, but so will pesticide.  It is the eggs that keep you coming back for more.

  5. Physical Heat Exhaustion – very easy to achieve when working at these temperatures, you will pass out.  It is impossible to monitor heat progress without remote sensors.

The reason the heat is successful is due to a few factors:

  1. It reaches every nook and cranny and your professional heat exterminator knows how to make that happen.

  2. It kills all stages of bed bug effectively, even the eggs that no one can see.

  3. It is safe.  The Temp-Air (electric) system alone has over 100 customers across the United States doing this daily.

  4. We stage a room in a way to ensure the isolation, captureand swift kill of a bed bug.  Yes, there are a host of tricks that make it successful and you learn those through training and experience, not the internet.

  5. The system has a monitoring computer and sensors that provide up to the minute data on what is happening in the space that is being treated.  This ensures the success and the health of the exterminator.

If you need a home heating device, pick up a PackTiteand use your dryer.  If you need to cook the whole house, call a professional!

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