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The Bed Bug Packtite = Peace of Mind

Serving Families Throughout Atlanta

Are you concerned about bringing bed bugs home? Do you or your spouse travel for work or pleasure?   If you answered yes, then are you being vigilant in checking your hotel rooms?

The fact of the matter is that bed bugs are here to stay and they will get worse as time goes by.  They do not have any predators and they have humans everywhere to feed on.  So if you have not come across them yet, you will.  And yes, they have made it to GA already!  So it is best to be prepared.

For the elite who live in NYC, their best method to keep bed bugs out is to utilize a home heating device.  Many New Yorkers have purchased a PackTite™ for their homes/apartments.  Everyone who comes to stay must place their belongings in it to “cook out the bed bugs” before they can stay.  It works great and it stores up flat when not in use.

But the PackTite™is not just for NYC. Our hotel and apartment clients are buying them to help out guests and residents.  They can be used for fighting a current infestation (for those items that cannot go in the dryer) or to prevent one from starting.  I use mine when I come home from a particularly nasty bed bug job.

Trust me, it is worth the investment for peace of mind.  I would much rather buy a PackTite™ than have to exterminate my whole home!

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