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Bed Bug Best Practices Released by Npma – Well Done!

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The National Pest Management Association released its Bed Bug Best Practices Handbook in January 2011.  There are two versions, one for the pest management professional and a more user-friendly one for consumers.  The information is great and I am proud to say that ALL of their recommendations are already standard operating procedures for The Bed Bug Answer. They have been in place from the start of our company.

A few highlights:

  1. Disposal of infested furniture is not necessary

  2. Mattress covers are a control mechanism but not a solution

  3. Infestations should be confirmed

  4. Canine teams are particularly useful in detecting bed bugs

  5. Multifamily should inspect surrounding units of an infestation (note, they did not say treat)

  6. Chemical treatments can fail due to pesticide resistance

They also included great content for the Pest Management Professional on:

  1. Client Agreements

  2. Canine standards for certification and use

  3. Technician Training

  4. Methods of Treatment

  5. Health and Safety Considerations for Techs and Consumers

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