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Flying Bed Bugs

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Can Bed Bugs Fly?

No, they cannot. However, they can hitchhike their way onto an airplane very easily. It appears that this is what happened to a woman who was flying from Atlanta to New York. This consumer website describes the case of a woman who claims she was bitten by bed bugs on her flight. Apparently, after complaining of bites she was moved to a different seat and offered a refund. Without an actual bed bug in hand, there is no way for the flight crew or anyone else for that matter being able to know exactly what happened. It is very possible that if it was bed bugs, the bite reactions could be from the hotel she stayed in the night before.

Having said all that, bed bugs are a traveler’s nightmare. I can also tell you that bed bugs have been found on airplanes and in the seats themselves. Bed bugs are very good at clinging to your clothes and going where you go. Hitchhiking is how they have been able to spread so rapidly these past few years.  So while this particular case may or may not be valid, you do need to be very careful this holiday when you travel. As well, it would not hurt to do a brief inspection of your seat when flying. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your holidays.

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