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Arizona Enacts New Bed Bug Law

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Arizona is joining other states in enacting bed bug laws to protect both tenants and landlords from bed bugs. Some argue that the law does not go far enough. However, seeing as most states have no laws on the books, this is a good first step. I would argue the majority of people have no idea that they either have bed bugs or are transporting bed bugs in their belongings. This also holds true for landlords. The key is for both parties to be vigilant and work together. The new law highlights the following:

  • Prohibits landlords from KNOWINGLY leasing bedbug-infested units
  • Requires landlords to provide educational materials
  • Prohibits tenants from KNOWINGLY moving-in infested items
  • Requires tenants to notify landlords of a bedbug problem

For more information regarding bed bug detection and eradication, call The Bed Bug Answer at 404-724-8999.

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