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Inbreeding Bedbugs

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It looks like our friend the bedbug can add one more thing they are not afraid of; inbreeding. That’s right; bedbugs have no problem with breeding amongst their family and close relatives. According to this bed bug article, a new study done at North Carolina State found that bedbugs in different parts of the country had almost no genetic diversity. Meaning they all came from the same female. Because bedbugs breed exponentially, they can increase their numbers into the tens of thousands in a short period of time.

This may also explain why they have becomes so resistant to today’s most commonly used insecticides. Once developing the resistance, they may be passing down the trait to their offspring. If this is true, then our battle with the bedbug using chemicals is a losing one. That is why you need to be using full room heat to eradicate your bedbug infestation. It is the only proven way to kill all stages of bedbugs on the first try. As the article points out, if you don’t get on the problem early, you may end up losing the battle.

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