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A Different Approach to Commercial Pest Control in Georgia

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When it comes to commercial pest control in Atlanta, solutions are not “one size fits all.” Maintaining a clean and safe environment is important both at home and in the workplace, but there are key differences in achieving those goals. While a person’s home might have an ant or roach problem, which can be resolved in one visit, commercial and multifamily properties have many tenants and residents with a variety of standards for cleanliness and pest tolerance.

Commercial pest control may require larger (or even different) equipment than residential treatments, and often infestations are more widespread in a larger commercial or multifamily property. Too, the frequency of visits and techniques required to contain a commercial pest problem can be more complex, especially at the beginning of a project. Many treatments require after-business-hours work.

At Red Coat Pest Solutions, we understand and address these differences and more. The nature of a commercial pest problem requires extensive investigation and inspections, since there can be different tenants, floors, and spaces that are used for a wide variety of purposes under the same roof. The key is to investigate thoroughly, and address small flares before they expand. Whether your business is an office building, hotel, a multi-family residence, a church building or campus, a warehouse, or an industrial building or complex, we understand how to find the pests, solve challenging indoor issues, and take measures to protect the property from outside invaders.

As we know here in Georgia, our warm, humid climate ensures some sort of pest issues year ‘round! That means that it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll have a pest problem, it’s “when.” Therefore, prevention is the smartest, most cost-effective approach to keeping your business clean and pest-free, and keeping your reputation safe.

Effective commercial pest control demands more than a singular approach to eliminating unwanted “guests” in the building. Through QR code scanning, tracking, and monitoring, we provide detailed reporting by tracking by floor, suite or even by customized zone. If you have devices (rodent stations and fly lights), each device is tracked for activity - with detailed reporting. Our industry-leading tools and inspection procedures support LEED, and we have expertise in eradicating even the toughest pests: German roaches, bed bugs and rats.

Our approach to both residential and commercial pest control sets us apart from other companies, and that’s no accident. Our solutions are sustainable and have minimal impact on the environment, both inside and outside. Specialists in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we take great care in safeguarding your building and surrounding grounds. IPM methods allow us to use the lowest impact materials, and only those necessary when other means of pest elimination haven’t proven effective.

With no-hassle paperless service and billing, plus 24/7 access to our easy-to-use customer portal, you can request service, view results and handle payment without taking time away from your busy schedule.

Red Coat Pest Solutions is a woman-owned, Type A, “Mama Bear” business, driven by customer satisfaction and resolution. Every member of our team has past security, law-enforcement, or military experience, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, reliability, and complete discretion.

“We don’t cut corners, because that’s where bugs hide!”