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bed bugs

This original blog was written in 2011. Pesticides were experiencing huge resistance issues and few pest control professionals really knew how to properly treat for bed bugs with either heat or pesticides.

We found the tide turned in 2018 when a few innovative products were released. Some were pesticides but one was a biocide (fungus based). We have found very good success combining the biocide with heat to improve the long term effectiveness of a heat treatment. It helps to prevent another introduction from becoming an infestation.

So what has 11 years taught us?

  • Heat is still the MOST effective at eliminating bed bugs quickly
  • Combo programs – heat, pest vac, steam, encasements, biocides improve the long term success rate
  • Pesticides still scatter bugs, so unless you know exactly how to use them effectively, don’t do it. Many bed bug infestations exploded with inexperienced use of pesticides. If you spray them, they will spread!
  • Never try to heat treat your home on your own. It does not end well in most circumstances – see our other blog “the wrong way to heat treat for bed bugs
  • More people are becoming chemically sensitive. Applying pesticide to your high-use furniture can contaminate your home.
  • A treatment must kill 100% of the insects. Throwing away furniture will not get rid of bed bugs completely. If one female is left the cycle starts again.