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March Red Coat Newsletter

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Happy March Red Coat Family!

Are you enjoying the rain? Well so are the mosquitoes! Their babies are hatching now and will be coming for you and yours any minute now for a quick snack. A couple of things to keep in mind this month...

  1. Your dogs and cats are susceptible to mosquito bites as well. Visit our blog on Mosquito Repellent for Dogs for more information on how to protect your pups.
  2. Remember! Mosquitos carry a host of nasty viruses that could have long term effects on your family - West Nile, Zika, and Encephalitis just to name a few. Check out the attached map from DeKalb County WNVconfirmed incidences just last year!
  3. Are you not spraying your yard for mosquitoes to save the honey bees? Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Red Coat has a great pollinator friendly program that incorporates bait, essential oils and garlic. Learn more in the blog post below.

Be Confident, Be Comfortable, Bee Friendly!



CEO, Red Coat Pest Solutions

Pollinator-Friendly Mosquito Control

Read all the buzz about pollinator-friendly mosquito control

Mosquito  Repellent for Dogs

Product Highlight:
What is Mosquito Bait???

No, I am not proposing you stand next to your friend who always gets mosquito bites so they don't bite you!
Mosquito Bait is an all natural sugar and garlic liquid product. (The team calls it syrup, because it is so sticky.) It is applied to your shrubs in March and April to attract the emerging mosquitos looking for their first energy meal.


It does not harm other insects or pollinators. However, it kills mosquitos when they eat the product, thereby greatly reducing the number of mosquitoes in the spring. By tackling the emerging insects early, the summer surge is significantly reduced.

It is a mosquito preemptive strike!

How to Reduce Mosquitos on Your Own

Free Treatment!

With the Purchase of Full Season Mosquito Control

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Industry Innovations!

Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitos to Be Released! dog

Meet George!

George is the newest addition to our K9 Bed Bug Team - he can't wait to meet you! Now Hiring commercial account manager and treatment technician

We're Hiring!

Here at Red Coat, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

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Red Coat Gives Back

Does your organization raise funds for special projects? Red Coat Pest Solutions can help! For selected organizations, our team will donate 10% back to your group - church, school, team.

Contact our offices to learn more!

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