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Prevent Pests from Invading Your Property this Winter

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With winter fast approaching, many homes in Georgia are turning up the heat to stay comfortable. Whether that means turning on your furnace or boiler or creating a fire, we all love staying warm during chilly winter months—including pests. While many people think that cold temperatures mean a break from bugs, that just isn’t so. In fact, pests are smarter than you might initially think, and have a variety of strategies to cope with cold weather—some chose to hibernate, others migrate, and others will flock to warm spaces to survive.

Pests that are active in the winter include:

  • Cockroaches: Preferring to live in moist, warm spaces near food, cockroaches are an all-too-common pest in Georgia, and this is just as true in winter as it is in summer. Cockroaches can trigger allergies, spread bacteria, and even contaminate food.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats seek shelter in warm, dark, and secluded areas—making your attic, basement, and crawlspaces ideal. These pests are notorious for chewing through wires, leading to property damage, as well as carrying disease.
  • Kudzu bugs and stink bugs: These pests are attracted to the reflective properties of white walls and want to hibernate in your home for winter. They emit an unpleasant smelling pheromone attracting even more bugs to the area.
  • Termites: Termites are active all year round, which means they will continue to chew through wood and the queen will continue to lay eggs during winter months.

Practical Tips for Avoiding Winter Pests

There is never a good time for an infestation to occur and keeping pests out of your home during winter can be challenging. But, there are some quick and affordable tricks you can utilize to prevent a pest problem.

4 fast and easy ways to avoid pests this winter:

  1. Seal up your space by checking caulking, seals, and repairing any potential entryways
  2. Properly store food and water
  3. Keep firewood at least 2-feet away from your home
  4. Contact Red Coat Pest Solutions for 12 month preventative pest control and termite protection

Our skilled team at Red Coat Pest Solutions is committed to putting your mind at ease this winter and all year long. We utilize effective, eco-friendly, pet-friendly products. Including the industry’s most advanced treatment techniques to ensure a pest-free property, and proudly treat for all of the pests that might invade your space this winter. Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience servicing both residential and commercial properties throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas, with no project being too big or small. As specialists in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our professionals focus on environmentally sensitive pest management solutions instead of the outdated, unnecessary, and potentially harmful chemical sprays.

If you spot one pest, chances are there are more, so don’t wait. Contact our pest control experts today at (404) 724-8999 or reach out online at Red Coat Pest Solutions.

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