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How To Check Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

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I work with hotels to support them in their cleanup of bed bugs.  One should know that hotels don’t want bed bugs any more than you do.  Getting bed bugs is bad luck and we all need to practice prevention techniques to curb the expansion of this pest.  When you check into a hotel your inspection of the room is as much to protect yourself but it is also a service to the hotel.  Trust me; they do not want you to have this problem.  So take the time to check the room thoroughly and you will be a much happier guest.

When I check into a room I do the following:

  1. My luggage goes into the bathtub until further notice.  Bed bugs cannot climb up glass, porcelain is difficult.
  2. I use my flashlight to look at the mattress, the box spring, the bed skirtand all the linens.  I look for any sign of the bed bug – feces, skins, or actual bugs.
  3. Then I look behind the headboard.  While often heavy and difficult to do, it is well worth the effort.
  4. I attempt to look behind the picture above the bed.  Often it is secured to the wall but you can still check the edges.
  5. Lastly, I check the bedside tables.  In the drawers, on the backside, in the nooks and crannies.
  6. Once I am satisfied that I don’t see anything myself I will move into the room.  That means that my luggage stays in the bathroom on the tile floor and nothing is put on the beds.  The first night is restless, but after the first night, I sleep well.

May the heat be with you!

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