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3 Deaths Attributed to Bed Bug Insecticide

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An overzealous hotel in Thailand is being blamed for the deaths of 3 female tourists.  60 minutes New Zealand claims in this video that the hotel used chlorpyrifos, an insecticide “voluntarily removed from residential use” in the US, to kill bed bugs.  According to 3news out of New Zealand, Sarah Carter’s death was one of several in Chiang Mai over a period of several weeks earlier this year. A link is also being drawn with the mystifying case of the deaths of young tourists American Jill St Onge and Norwegian Julie Bergheim on Phi Phi in 2009.

Chlorpyrifos has not been shown to cause cancer but is a neuro-toxin.  Its effects on children, especially unborn, are significant and have been attributed to ADHD.  It is currently still being utilized in the US for agriculture such as cotton, corn, almonds, and fruit trees.

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