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More Bed Bug Infestation Insurance

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Wow, twice in two days.

Yesterday, I blogged about AON Risk Insurance coming out with a potential bed bug insurance program for hotels and multi-family properties. I say potential, because I have not heard back from their media contact regarding their partnership with Terminix as I stated yesterday. Today, I read about another company called PLIS Inc who is entering the bed bug insurance field as well.

The article, published in discusses PLIS entry into the field and details some of the coverage the company will provide for hotel owners and managers.

Some of the program features include:

  • Business Interruption - Loss of Lodging Revenue
  • Rehabilitation Expenses (Extra Expenses):
    • Cost of marketing efforts
    • Overtime of regular staff
    • Other mitigation related expenses
  • Decontamination expenses for an affected lodging room
  • Decontamination expenses for lodging rooms immediately adjacent to an affected lodging room
  • Costs of cleaning, decontaminating or exterminating affected customer's homes
  • First aid administered to customers onsite
  • Extortion Threat Payments
  • Expert & Immediate Crisis Management Assistance

As with AON, I have reached out to PLIS to get more details about the program. The article is not clear whether or not this program will be extended to multi-family as well. With the National Pest Management Association reporting that bed bug infestation claims are rising dramatically, it is no wonder insurance companies are looking to enter the bed bug market. I wonder how long it will be before someone rolls out insurance for homeowners and travelers.

I will follow up with more details once I hear back from both companies. Happy Father’s day to all from The Bed Bug Answer.

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