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Unchartered Waters - NPR Interview With Michael Potter

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A great NPR interview last night with Michael Potter, Professor of Urban Entomology, at the University of KY.  He called the bed bug the perfect parasite because it eats undetected, does not live on its hostand leaves confusion in its wake. It is no surprise that he describes himself as "very concerned" about the current outbreak of this pest.  We are in "unchartered waters" with bed bugs because mankind has changed our habits:

  • the unprecedented movement of people
  • more clutter in our lives
  • exterminators have changed their techniques
  • less potent insecticides with a shorter shelf life
  • humans are less tolerant of insects now 

In the 23rd minute of the program, he discusses the incredible success rate of heat remediation. He describes it as efficient, effectiveand much less hassle than the alternatives.  His concerns were that it was not widely available and that it is expensive. 

NOT ANYMORE!  Welcome to The Bed Bug Answer!

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