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Bedbugs Sap Woman's Wallet and Patience - So What Went Wrong?

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So what went wrong?  She identified the issue quickly and notified her landlord who called in someone to spray. Sounds good, right?   Wrong, the pesticide did not kill the bugs but sent them scattering, aggravating her problem. The bugs got wise and moved into the picture frame as well as other random nooks.  Most pesticide treatment companies will tell you that it takes multiple treatments to kill the bugs.  Two months in, she has paid over $350 in cash and has lost most of her belongings at untold cost. Not to mention effort, timeand major nighttime trauma she and her family have experienced. 

Two months later the bugs have won. She is moving out to a new place, but what makes her think the bugs won't come too?  If she takes anything with her to the new place the bugs will come too.  She should put all her clothes in the dryer, but the crafty pest control provider has offered to do it with chemicals.  Yucky and ineffective.  New landlord beware! – I can see the add now, "traumatized bed bug carrying woman seeks new apartment for her family of 3000".

How to do it right?...when you find bugs, walk out and lockout. Leave EVERYTHING behind.  Do not carry your mattress through your home and dump it.  You will spread the bugs from top to bottom.  They are not called bed bugs because they sleep in beds, but because they eat in beds.  They live and hide everywhere. 

Bring in a certified bed bug detection dog to determine the locations of the infestations and then use a specialized bed bug heat remediation company to cook the critters and their harborages.  Heat remediation is chemical-free, will take one dayand will kill every last bed bug family member around – the first time!  No more bites, no more sleepless nights, ONE and DONE.

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