Bed Bug Clients


Protect your business against unwanted litigation.

Bed bug K9 and chemical free heat treatment services.

We use only UL certified heating equipment and all our technicians and dog handlers are certified through the appropriate state and national certification bodies.



We offer both canine inspections and heat treatments for hotels. Our chemical free heat treatment process allows us to treat your guest room effectively and save all your furnishings and linens. Rooms can be sold the night of the treatment. No need for a waiting period and all our work is guaranteed. Certified bed bug inspection canines search your guest rooms for the presence of bed bugs. All handlers are GA certified pest control operators and certified annually through a national detection dog organization.

Senior Living

Full room heat treatment and canine inspection services for senior living properties. With the explosive growth of bed bugs in senior living environments, we have designed a program specifically for the special needs and attention seniors require. We work closely together with property staff to make sure all special needs are addressed and answered both before and after the heat treatment. By using full room heat, we are able to save all your belongings unless otherwise noted.

multi family

Red Coat Services provides both bed bug canine inspections and bed bug heat treatment to apartment owners and managers. We work closely with management and resident to make sure everyone is prepared for their day of service.


medical facility

We offer all our services to high traffic medical facilities and clinics. Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers and can invade your public spaces from an individuals clothing, luggage, briefcase or purse.  Don't let bed bugs close your business down and destroy your business reputation.


High volume offices spaces and call centers are easy targets for bed bugs. Due to their ability to hitch hike on an individuals clothes and belongings, bed bugs can enter your office environment and quickly spread.  Protect your business from these annoying and unwanted pests.


Since all we do is bed bugs, we partner with local pest management professionals to provide them with canine services and heat treatments for their clients.