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Pest Control in Commercial Kitchens: Battling the Germans

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Commercial Kitchens are a challenge to the pest industry. In recent years, many pest control companies have transitioned to a residential-only model. They don’t even do commercial work. Finding a competent small pest control company is hard!

This shift can be attributed to the advantages of a nice, simple, and consistent routine for residential technicians and office staff. Residential technicians can work a daytime shift and hiring for daytime is much easier for management. As well, residential pest control requires a less sophisticated staff. The work is routine and the procedures are dictated by management.

Commercial kitchens are typically serviced at night after all the patrons have finished their meals and the staff has completed their cleaning routines. Imagine starting your job at 10:30pm! Not everyone is accustomed to this schedule nor wants to work in the dark.

Pest control technicians working in commercial kitchens require a high level of attention to detail. They must possess the patience and willingness to diligently hunt for the numerous harborages where roaches may hide. It is not routine or easy work. Additionally, technicians must be prepared to get their hands and knees dirty, as the floors and equipment in commercial kitchens are not always the cleanest.

In addition to attention to detail, commercial technicians have stringent documentation requirements. Restaurants have Department of Health inspections and regulators to report to, and pest records are a part of their reports. It better be right!

German cockroaches, ants, and flies are the most common pests in a commercial kitchen.

These pests and the environment offer a unique opportunity to the pest control company who is willing to take on the challenge. With a diligent technician and a willingness to work at night, the opportunities are endless.

German roaches are not introduced on purpose in a commercial kitchen. They find their way into the establishment through shipments of food – in boxes, on fresh produce, or even canned goods. (The cellulose-based glue used in labels provides a food source). They are always a risk and a technician cannot let their guard down. Introductions are frequent and imminent, the kitchen must be prepared.

All commercial kitchens have floor drains. They collect food and grease and even sometimes stray serving pieces. If they are not cleaned out regularly, the build-up creates the scum mentioned below. The organic matter can extend all the way down past the p-traps making a perfect breeding ground for flies and roaches. They become mystery breeding sites which are very difficult to find and treat.

Food scum is a pervasive issue in commercial kitchens, found everywhere from floors and drains to walls and equipment. The accumulation of organic debris creates an ideal environment for roaches to thrive. Kitchen staff must be vigilant in eliminating these food sources to disrupt the roaches' access to food. But that does not always happen. So it is up to the commercial technician to overcome it.

Red Coat has developed a unique approach to tackle German roaches, ants, and flies in a commercial kitchen.

  1. Identify the type of pests impacting the kitchen
  2. Work with staff to improve sanitation techniques
  3. Work with staff to repair damaged areas including floors, walls, caulking, etc which may be contributing to breeding areas
  4. Treat the pests identified – see below
  5. Monitor the kitchen with insect light traps and monitoring boards to determine what, when, and where pest activity is found.
  6. Repeat!

To treat the pests present in a kitchen, Red Coat will FOAM – drains, floors, food debris, and scum. Through a unique combination of cleaning microbes and pesticides, the foam will begin to break down the scum and make every morsel of food and scum bait for the pests. If they eat anything which has been treated, they will die. All the scum and all the lost food becomes a catalyst to kill the pests rather than a sanitation issue contributing to the pest problem. Red Coat is literally out-smarting the pests!

Commercial kitchens pose unique challenges for pest control technicians, particularly when it comes to combating German roaches, ants, and flies. At Red Coat we deliver solutions which are unique, eco-friendly, and effective for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve and maintain a pest-free environment for your commercial kitchen.

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