When To Use A Bed Bug Dog

A bed bug dog is an extraordinary detection tool.  They are much better and faster than any trained human at finding bed bugs.  Here is how we recommend utilizing a bed bug dog in your situation…


  1. Proactive inspections of rooms to ensure you are bed bug free
  2. Validation of claims
  3. To determine the spread of an infestation in the hotel
  4. To validate extermination in a room


  1. To determine the spread of infestations
  2. To validate extermination in a room


  1. To determine if you have bed bugs – Peace of Mind
  2. To determine where you have bed bugs – did they move from the master bed room to the living room?
  3. To validate extermination – did my treatment work?

May the heat be with you!

Ashley, Atlanta Bed Bug Control Specialist

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