Bed Bug’s Trojan Horse – Used Furniture

Even if you know where it came from, best to not bring it home. This link describes a personal story of someone who brought home a recliner from his dad’s nursing home. They thought by leaving it outside for 3 months the bugs would die off. They were sadly mistaken.

Don’t assume hard wood furniture is immune either. They are called bed bugs because they EAT in bed, NOT because they live in it. They live close by their feeding source and that can mean the nightstand, the lamp, the picture frame, the alarm clock, the headboard, the base boards etc.

Bed bugs will “hibernate” or “go dormant” when stressed, threatened or starved. Today, a technique most often activated by pesticides. It is just another excellent coping mechanism they have developed through time. There are documented re-occurrences of bed bugs 16 months later.

My bed bugs are not pesticide resistant

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