Bed Bug Services


Bed Bug K9 inspections and chemical free heat treatment services.


Bed Bug Detection canines

Certified bed bug inspection canines search your home or business for the presence of bed bugs. All handlers are GA registered pest control operators and certified annually through a 3rd party organization. Our teams inspect over 10,000 units annually.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment services

Full room heat treatment services for residential and commercial properties. We use only UL approved equipment to heat the space to temperatures between 125-140 degrees.  By using full room heat, we are able to save all your belongings unless otherwise noted.

Bed Bug Protective Warranty

Want to stop bed bugs before they infest your property? Our proactive quarterly application is all natural and will prevent an infestation from developing when bed bugs are introduced. For homes and commercial properties.


Bed bug Repellent

Red Coat Repellent is a hand crafted, proprietary blend made exclusively by Red Coat Services. Great for anyone who travels or works in a high risk bed bug area.


We offer 6 month financing for qualified residential customers through a third party. An application must be completed for consideration. Red Coat Services is not involved in the process.  

Bed Bug Products

We offer a variety of bed bug products for home and business. These items include mattress covers, heating devices for luggage and personal effects as well as bed bug repellent.