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What is a bed bug?

Adult bed bugs are small apple seed sized pests that have been around for thousands of years. They feed almost exclusively on human blood and are becoming more prevalent every year. 

how did they get here?

Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers. They get on your luggage, computer bags and clothing and ride along with you to your final destination. You can pick them up while traveling, flying on airplanes or any high traffic common areas.

how does a bed bug dog work?

Our certified Bed Bug detection canines use their noses to find bed bugs. They are trained just like drug or explosives dogs to pinpoint the scent of bed bugs.

how does the heat treatment work?

We raise the temperature in the space to over 125 degrees for several hours to kill all stages of bed bugs. This means using the room itself as an oven.  Completed properly, full room heat treatment is the most effective way to eradicate bed bugs.

can a heat treatment be done in one day?

Yes. However, if we are treating a whole house, then depending on the square footage, the job may take more than one day.

Do you use chemicals?

In most settings we strictly use heat with no pesticides. However, after assessing the situation and careful consideration, some properties will require the use of pesticides along with the heat treatment.  An example would be if over the counter sprays and foggers were used prior to a professional heat treatment.

I think i saw a bed bug. what do i do now?

First and most importantly, isolate the room or rooms you think might be infested. Secondly, attempt to catch the bed bug by using clear tape, press down on the bug and fold it over to form a seal. If you are not comfortable doing this then skip this step. A cell phone picture will also suffice. Lastly, call us so we can guide you through the crucial first steps and get you on your way to being bed bug free.